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This fact is acknowledged even by (George) Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)[1] , the well-known Irish writer and critic, whose personal comments on Islam can be summarized as, “Were we to choose a common religion for the entire world, it would definitely be the Islamic religion.” This conclusion is quite natural. For the Islamic religion is the sole religion that has preserved its intact purity owing to the promised protection against the interpolations suffered by all the religious systems previous to it. 

Judaism, one of the greatest monotheistic cults, had foretold about the advent of a Messiah. Îsâ ‘alaihis-salâm’ (Jesus) was hailed as the promised Messiah, yet the Injil (Bible), the heavenly book of the religion he spread, was lost. Later, various gospels were written in the name of Injil, and these new gospels, which were no more than interpolations themselves, were interpolated again and again.

 All these facts, along with various other portents, announced the coming of a final prophet, the real Messiah ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’. As a matter of fact, the name of this Messiah is literally written in the Gospel of Barnabas. Then, the Islamic religion is the first and the last, the most true, the most perfect religion wherein all the true religions converge and which, therefore, reflects the full approval of Allâhu ta’âlâ. 
A friend of ours, [namely, Dr. Nûrî Refet Korur], who had spent his entire youth among Christians in Europe, said to us: “I am a Muslim born from Muslim parents. I spent my life in Europe, where I had the chance and time to study all religions and to compare them with each other. If I had seen that another religion was superior to Islam, I would have given up Islam and accepted that religion. For there was no one to force me to remain a Muslim. Yet, all the research and the comparative studies I carried on, reinforced by the debates that I, in the meantime, indulged in with Christians, revealed the fact that Islam is by far superior to all the world’s present religions and that it is the only intact true religion, so clearly that I became attached to Islam with all my heart.”

Sad to say, today’s western world still accommodates Christians who insist on the wrong and call Muslims “heretics”, “idle-minded”, “devil-worshippers”, “irreligious”. 

These misconceptions are inculcated in the minds of Christian children by priests, whose real purpose is to distract their young and inquisitive brains. These interceptive activities are fed with the slanderous propaganda that the Islamic religion embodies aspects disagreeable with modern civilization. 
The fact, on the other hand, is that Islam is the only religion suitable for today’s civilized world. Our book Islam and Christianity deals with and refutes these misconceptions. In addition to English, we translated that book into French and German and sent the translated versions to countries all over the world. Thereby we tried to countermand the falsifications spread by priests and thus to state the actual facts. It did not take us long to see how appropriate and useful our work had been. No sooner had we distributed the books to the world than they gave their fruits. We received a letter from India, in which wrote an Indian Christian: “When I read your book Islam and Christianity, I realized that Islam is the true religion and I decided to become a Muslim.” We have been receiving similar letters from young Africans. Anyone who has the opportunity to study the pure, clean, civilized and humane aspects of Islam will feel an irresistable attraction to this religion. The Islamic religion is spreading over the world without any such media as propagation and organization. On the other hand, the missionary organizations belonging to those countries whose primary objective is to spread Christianity are spending huge amounts of money and offering various types of social aid, and yet achieving very little success in comparison with their tremendous efforts.

 Despite all this wrongfull and inimical volley of vituperations carried on against Islam and all the stupendous efforts put forth for the spreading of Christianity, there has been an ever growing increase in the number of Muslims on the earth. Later ahead you will find more extensive information on this subject. Some of these Muslims remained Muslims because they had been born in Muslim families. However, besides these people there are also people who accepted Islam although their parents had been in other religions and they therefore had been given their family education in other religions. Among these people are universally renowned diplomats, statesmen, scientists, scholars, men of letters, writers, and even men of religion. These people studied Islam well, admired its greatness, and became Muslims willingly. In addition to these people, many other universally known celebrities met the Islamic religion with deep respect and admiration although they did not officially become Muslims; they even believed in the fact that Islam is the true religion and did not hesitate to express this belief of theirs. Scientists, philosophers, and politicians, admired by the entire world, first of all believe in the fact that Allâhu ta’âlâ exists and is One and that He is the Creator of all beings. In this chapter you will find the statements and observations belonging to some of these celebrities.

A conclusion drawn from all these explanations, in other words, a summary of the reasons why Islam is superior to the other religions, has been added in an independent chapter.

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