Thursday, June 11, 2009

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How to choose suitable sanitary napkins:
During menstruation, the skin of the women’s sensitive part is most vulnerable.
Surveys have shown that 73% of the women would feel itchiness and pain on some parts of the skin during menstruation. These are mostly caused by the use of sanitary napkins which are not air permeable. As such, it is of critical importance to choose suitable sanitary napkins to ensure safety during menstruation. Sanitary napkins are normally made up of three layers: surface layer, absorbent layer and underlying layer. The choice of sanitary napkins should be based on considerations relating to the materials and functions of these three layers.
Firstly, the surface layer should preferably have a cotton net surface with rapid absorption to avoid wet skin surface. The funnel type of design is better than the bucket type of design as the discharge absorbed would not backflow easily.
Secondly, the middle layer should have effective absorption agents that can turn the absorbed liquid discharge into a jelly-like state so that it would not backflow when pressed and would not cause the sticky feeling.
Thirdly, the underlying layer should be made of air permeable materials to allow diffusion of water molecules in the gaseous state. This would keep away the moist air to effectively reduce the moisture and heat between the sanitary napkins and the body so that there is a dry and refreshed feeling.
Changing sanitary napkins to avoid troubles
Due to the special physical characteristics of women, the sanitary napkin is the women’s indispensable ‘friend’ but this friend may bring considerable troubles when it is not treated well. For ordinary sanitary napkin used continuously for two hours, its surface may have bacteria numbering up to 107 per square centimeter and this contamination may seriously affect the health of the women.
Symptoms of infection during menstruation include mild fever, external genital infection, skin itch, ascending infections (such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis etc), leukorrhagia, localized burning sensation or lower abdominal pain, or with fever, nausea; infections of urinary system including urinary tract infection, bladder infection, pyelonephritis, frequent micturition, urgent micturition, dysuria, waist sore and waist pain with fatigue or fever. These may lead to other more serious female genital diseases.

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