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Human being even all livings cannot live without anion. However. do you know what is Anion ?

Under ordinary condition, molecule or atomy in the air appears neutral. Because of ionization effects including universal radials, ultraviolet radiation, micro radiation and lightning strike in the nature, part of electrons that revolve around atomic nucleus in the air molecules will lose. and these transgress free electronics contain negative electronic, then it will combine with other neutral air molecules to make them contain anion, that is what we call Anion.

Anion has no color, no smell, with negative electronic, it can absorb nearby micro material in the air. It also removes dust, kill germs. The anion to the air is as vitamin to food, so it has other nick names including "air vitamin", "longevity element" and air "air cleaner". Anion, appearing not that important, however it is of great importance for people's health. We cannot neglect its function. It can produce unique composing capability to gather and neutralize dust, germs, virus with positive electronics, and then enter germ cells to kill germs, prevent harm to human body. More anions in the air mean fewer germs, so when the concentration reaches to a certain degree, the number of germs will turn to zero.

The content of anion in every cube cm in the air is as following: 40 to 50 inside residential places in the city, 100 to 200 above the city, 700 to 1000 above the field, more than 5000 in the valley. The number of anion in the air affect people health. If there is too much or too little anion in the air, when it gets through human body, people will encounter symtoms including fatique, dizzy, headache, depressed and jerky breathing whereas these symptoms can be counteracted when air with 1200 anion / cubic cm enter human body. If indoor anion content increase to 1500 per cubic cm, people will feel better, work with more converged energy and the efficiency will be uplifted.

Therefore anion is necessary element for human being's health and longevity. It is regulated by WHO that, the minimum content of anion in fresh air is 1000 cubic cm. In some enviroment (for example mountain area) people live without obsession of inflammation and commonly they are healthy and live for long, which obviously relates to abundant anion in the air.

There are two types of method to test for anions: the ‘dynamic tests’ and ‘static tests’.

For the anionic tape produced by Winalite International, the density of the anions it emits has to be ascertained using the dynamic test. At the time of designing the patent technology, the ‘Wave Model’ method of anion production was adopted in consideration of the woman’s physical characteristics and the product usage. Under this model, anions are produced through friction. The nation’s authority in tests and assessments, the Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervisory Institute, has conducted many rounds of dynamic tests on the anionic sanitary napkins from Winalite International and proved that the anions emitted can reach 6.070 per cc, indicating that the actual effect from the use of the product had complied with the test standard.

Another type of test method is the static test. This involves using an equipment to detect the rays produced by the material (this way of anion production is called ‘Beam Model’) and indirectly reflect the anion production capacity. This method is used for accurate tests on solids such as mineral rocks. For the same reason, the anion contents at the beach, in the forest and among the mountains cannot be tested by using the static method.

Anion Sanitary Napkin: the external packaging uses aluminum foil packaging normally required for food product packaging. It has the easy-to-open seal stripe which can be reused and has better anti-moist, antibacterial and antifungal functions. Each piece of sanitary napkin is automatically packed and sealed once it is first formed on the production line so that it will not come into contact with human hands, thus preventing second contamination and ensuring safety and cleanliness.

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