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My Dear Brothers and Sisters - AsSalaamu 'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatu.

We know, as Muslims, there is a real purpose for us being alive.  We know as Muslims, there is the Message of Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala which was delivered by His Prophet, Sayyidul ‘Aalameena Muhammadur Rasoolallah salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam.  We know that the object of a Muslim’s life is mentioned in many verses of the Holy Qur’an in order to guide us Muslims in every walk of our life.

Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala says: Qul inna salaatee, wa nusukee, wa mahyaaya, wa mamaati, lilaahi Rabbil ‘aalameen. Laa shareeka-lah wa bi-dhaalika umirtu wa anaa awwal-lul Muslimeen. The translation of which is:  Say my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and death is for Allah, Creator of the Worlds.

In another verse of the Holy Qur’an, Allah says:  Inna lillaahi wa inna ilahi raaji’un, that, We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return which means we have to return to Him, we are not permanently residing in this world, we have to leave this world for the world of the hereafter.  So the life is for Him - Allah, not for you or me.  Since the entire world belongs to Him, therefore my humble self also belongs to Him.  The object is that we must remind ourselves all the time that we belong to Him.  It means that I love Him, I have the fear of Him and I have to live the life of a Muslim who has devoted himself for His cause.

Yet, in another verse of the Holy Qur’an, Allah says:  Yaa ayyuhal-ladheena ‘amanu, taqullah haqqa tuquatihi wa laa tamu-tunna illaa wa antum Muslimun (3:102), that is, Oh you who believe, fear Allah the way He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam. 

So the object of our existence is evident, we have to live as Muslims, manifest all the time that you are Muslim, you belong to the Muslim ummah, you are members of the Muslim community. 

 It also means that everyone in the ummah are brothers, one family. The brotherhood is there: Innamal muminoona ikhwa as Allah Subhanu wa T’ala said.  This means that there is no national discrimination.  Nobody has superiority over his Muslim brother.  All Muslims, without discrimination, are brothers to each other if they are to call themselves Muslims.

In another verse of the Holy Qur’an, Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala says:  Wa man ahsanu qawlam mimmaan da’aa-ilallah, wa’amila saalihan waqaala innanee minal Muslimeen (41:33)  
This means that Allah has insisted that a Muslim should remind himself that he is a Muslim.  In this age, we need to understand what problem the Muslim ummah is now facing?  There are many problems and the main one is that we have divided ourselves into nationalities.  The attitude is that “I am proud that I belong to such and such country.”  “I am proud that I belong to such and such tribes.”  “I am proud that I belong to such dynasty.”  But I would like to know who is proud to call himself a Muslim.  This is The Demand from the Holy Qur’an.  This is the message of my khutbah.

Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala says in the Qur’an: Wa ja’alnahu shu ‘uban waqabaa-ila lita’rafu.  We belong to a country only for the purpose of introduction.  Irrespective of whether we are from Arabia, Asia or Africa, it is only for the purpose of introduction.  This is not your identity.  The identity of a Muslim is Islam.  

This reminds me of the great poet, philosopher of Islam, Allama Iqbal.  Somebody asked him, “which country do you belong to?” he said, “Islam is my country and I belong to the nation of Islam which was founded by Sayyidul  ‘Aalameena Muhammadur Rasoolullah salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam”.   

Presently, after such a long time, I am still trying to find out from Muslims throughout the world; who is really proud to call themselves Muslims?

This is the main problem in Islam today.  Whenever you ask someone which country he or she belongs to, immediately he says that he is from such and such country.  This is well and good for an introduction. This is where nationality in Islam should begin and end. 

It is necessary for us to say: Wa qaala innanee minal Muslimeen  i.e. I am a Muslim.  Whether you are from Asia, Africa, America or Arabia has no importance at all. This is only for introductory purposes.  

It is reported in a Hadith of al-Bukhari, narrated by one of the companions of Beloved Prophet Sayyidul ‘Alameen Muhammadur Rasoolullahi salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam that every person, after their death, has to face three questions in their grave.  Two angels, Munkir and Nakeer will not ask the person being questioned which country he or she belonged to.  “Ya ‘tiyaani malaka” as reported by Beloved Prophet (SAW) in Sahih al-Bukhari, i.e. two angels will come wa yas‘alani man rabbuka, wa maa deenuka, wa maa kunta taquulu fiy haqqi haadhal rajuli, awkamaa qaala salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam. This is the actual text of the hadith.  
The translation of which is:  Who is your Creator,  and what is your Religion and what do you have to say about this man, i.e. Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam.

You see clearly that there is no question of where you come from or which tribe or dynasty you belong to.  Here, in this country, we are a minority, no doubt, and this is also a sunna of Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam.  

In the beginning in the early days of Islam, he was in minority, in Makkatul-Mukaramma, the holy land of Islam.  Islam and Muslims were in minority.  

But our Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam and his followers Ibn Irfan (RA), Bilall (RA) and other companions of Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam although they were in minority for thirteen years, they were very strong in declaring themselves to be Muslim.  

They did not deny the fact that they were Muslims, because they believed in Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala.  They rejected the idol worshippers, they bowed in front of Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala and totally denounced totally idol worship and announced “La-ilaah-Illallah Muhammadur Rasoolulaah”, non to be worshipped except Allah, Muhammadur Rassoolullah SAW is the Messenger of Allah. 

They maintained their identity of Islam although they were in the minority, they protected their faith and protected the Seed of Islam which was placed in their hearts by Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam.  

The seed grew day by day.  The companions were side by side, following Beloved Prophet SAW and at the same time they proudly announced their Islam.

Wherever you are, Whether  you are in minority, if you protect the Religion of Allah, Allah will protect you, this is a promise of Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala, Yaa Ayyuhalladheena ‘amanu kunu ansaarallah  that is become the supporter of Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala.  

Allah really does not need our support, we need His Support because He is The Sovereign Lord.  He is “Maalikul Mulk Laa shareeka lak”, we need his help all the time.  Allah is not in need of our help.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: Intan-surullah, that is “support Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala”,  it means that if you support Allah’s Din, al-Islam, the religion which has been chosen for you and you are chosen to be in the Ummah of Beloved Prophet salalaahu 'alahi wa salaam and he has been chosen for you; to guide you as the Last Messenger of Allah.  So if you support Islam - the religion, Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala will support you.  If you protect His Religion, Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala will protect you.  

Wallahu khairun haafizun wa huwa arhamur Raahimeen. Those who have been protecting their religion; they are still alive.
In Central Russia, the people have been dominated by the communists for 70 years.  Muslims have been killed mercilessly throughout this 70 years in Central Russia, but, SubhanAllah, they were protected; although the publication of Qur’an was banned. To call the adhan was totally banned, the publication of the religious books was totally banned.    

When I was in Russia on a parliamentary delegation, I could see what kinds of trouble and pressure Muslims were facing.  70 years have passed and they thought they had totally destroyed Islam and its future generation in that part of the world.  But, al-hamdulillah, after 70 years, although openly they could not manifest their religion outwardly, yet secretly they were preserving and protecting their faith.  Now, after 70 years they have emerged as a nation of Islam, the Muazzin is calling the adhan everywhere, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbaar!

On the other hand, those who did not protect themselves, Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala have destroyed them.  For example, in Spain, Eastern Europe, you will not find any Muslim there because they have divided themselves.  They were too proud being Arabs, Berbers, and African tribe, anglo-Spanish Muslim, father Spanish and mother Arab.  Nobody was proud in those parts of the world to call themselves Muslim, so they were destroyed totally – no Islam remained there.

  So, Insha Allah, brothers and sisters in Islam, those who are in minority, if you protect Islam in your heart, Allah Almighty will protect you and this is the promise of Allah Subhanhu wa T'ala, Intan-surullah yan-surkum wa yu-thabbit aqdaamakum,  if you protect the Religion of Allah, Allah will protect you, Allah Subhanahu wa T'ala will establish your foot in that country.

daripada sebuah khutbah jumaat, di masjid Toronto, Canada pada february 1992



  1. Daripada Abu Amru yang dikenali juga dengan Abu Amrah iaitu Sufian bin Abdullah as-Saqafi RA katanya, “Wahai Rasulullah katakanlah kepadaku mengenai Islam dengan jelas supaya aku tidak perlu lagi bertanya kepada seseorang selain daripada engkau.

    Sabda Rasulullah, “Katakanlah, aku beriman kepada Allah kemudian berpegang teguhlah di atas jalan yang lurus.”

    Huraian Hadith:

    Istiqamah ialah menjaga batas-batas syarak, sebagaimana kata sayidina Umar al-Khatab RA : Istiqamah itu ialah melakukan suruhan dan menjauhi larangan, dan tidak menyimpang ke sana dan ke sini seperti kelakuan seekor musang.

    Dakwaan beriman semata-mata tidak memadai jika tidak dibuktikan dengan amalan, kerana amalan zahir itu adalah terjemahan kepada iman yang tersemat di dalam jantung hati.

    Orang-orang Mukmin hendaklah berkekalan di dalam mengerjakan ibadat dan meninggalkan segala perkara yang bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam.

    Iman adalah perkara asas yang utama di dalam Islam, oleh itu tingkatkanlah keimanan dengan penuh kesedaran dan rasa tanggungjawab

  2. Bukti Keimanan

    Al-Hakim meriwayatkan Alqamah bin Haris r.a berkata, aku datang kepada Rasulullah s.a.w dengan tujuh orang dari kaumku. Kemudian setelah kami beri salam dan beliau tertarik sehingga beliau bertanya, "Siapakah kamu ini ?"

    Jawab kami, "Kami adalah orang beriman."
    Kemudian baginda bertanya, "Setiap perkataan ada buktinya, apakah bukti keimanan kamu ?"
    Jawab kami, "Buktinya ada lima belas perkara. Lima perkara yang engkau perintahkan kepada kami, lima perkara yang diperintahkan oleh utusanmu kepada kami dan lima perkara yang kami terbiasakan sejak zaman jahiliah ?"

    Tanya Nabi s.a.w, "Apakah lima perkara yang aku perintahkan kepada kamu itu ?"

    Jawab mereka, "Kamu telah perintahkan kami untuk beriman kepada Allah, percaya kepada Malaikat-Nya, Kitab-kitab-Nya, Rasul-rasul-Nya, percaya kepada takdir Allah yang baik mahupun yang buruk."

    Selanjutnya tanya Nabi s.a.w, "Apakah lima perkara yang diperintahkan oleh para utusanku itu ?"

    Jawab mereka, "Kami diperintahkan oleh para utusanmu untuk bersaksi bahawa tidak ada Tuhan selain Allah dan engkau adalah utusan Allah, hendaknya kami mendirikan solat wajib, mengerjakan puasa di bulan Ramadhan, menunaikan zakat dan berhaji bila mampu."

    Tanya Nabi s.a.w selanjutnya, "Apakah lima perkara yang kamu masih terbiasakan sejak zaman jahiliah ?"
    Jawab mereka, "Bersyukur di waktu senang, bersabar di waktu kesusahan, berani di waktu perang, redha pada waktu kena ujian dan tidak merasa gembira dengan sesuatu musibah yang menimpa pada musuh."

    Mendengar ucapan mereka yang amat menarik ini, maka Nabi s.a.w berkata, "Sungguh kamu ini termasuk di dalam kaum yang amat pandai sekali dalam agama mahupun dalam tatacara berbicara, hampir saja kamu ini serupa dengan para Nabi dengan segala macam yang kamu katakan tadi."

    Kemudian Nabi s.a.w selanjutnya, "Mahukah kamu aku tunjukkan kepada lima perkara amalan yang akan menyempurnakan dari yang kamu punyai ? Janganlah kamu mengumpulkan sesuatu yang tidak akan kamu makan. Janganlah kamu mendirikan rumah yang tidak akan kamu tempati, janganlah kamu berlumba- lumba dalam sesuatu yang bakal kamu tinggalkan,, berusahalah untuk mencari bekal ke dalam akhirat."

  3. Bukti Islam

    Dalam Rukun Iman, kita kena Percaya -
    1. Allah tetap SATU, Yang Esa
    2. Malaikat tetap menurut Perintah Allah, ada depan belakang manusia, kiri kanan, membantu makhluk Allah
    3. Kitab, ada Zabur, Taurat, Injil, AlQuran
    4. Rasul Allah, Nabi nabi Allah, 25 wajib di ketahui di ingati
    Kesemua inilah, membuktikan, sejak daripada Adam a.s, Islam itu lah jadi Ikutan, namun syariah itu yg berbeza dari satu rasul kepada lain rasul, bukanlah bermaksud, Islam itu hanya nabi muhammad saw yang bawa

    Islam itu bermula daripada Adam a.s, sejak di ciptakan manusia lah, barulah ada agama Islam, tidaklah Allah menciptakan jin dan manusia melainkan sebagai abdi Nya

    Jangan lah kata islam tu selepas nabi muhammad saw saja
    Islam itu sejak nabi Adam a.s


    Rukun Iman sebagi bukti islam itu adalah daripada Allah kepada manusia

  4. Dan Kami tidak mengutus sebelummu (wahai Muhammad) seseorang Rasul pun melainkan Kami wahyukan kepadanya: "Bahawa sesungguhnya tiada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) melainkan Aku; oleh itu, beribadatlah kamu kepadaKu".
    (Al-Anbiyaa' 21:25)

    Untuk mencapai BUKTI, apa patut buat?
    Apa yang kena Ingat? Just do it

    Allah berfirman: "Kamu tidak tinggal (di dunia) melainkan sedikit masa sahaja, kalau kamu dahulu mengetahui hal ini (tentulah kamu bersiap sedia).
    (Al-Mu'minuun 23:114)

  5. Lagi seterusnya Bukti ialah, tiada bidaah

    Kerana semua para nabi adalah menauhidkan Allah, membawa Islam,
    Hanya saja muhammad abdullah, saw adalah Khataman nabi, Penamat, Allah telah redha kepadaNya, Muhammad itu menjadi ikutan yang baik kepada kita, maksudnya syariatnya telah sempurna, sebab itu tak boleh ujudkan syariat baru

    kita bukan nabi selepas muhammad saw, sudah tiada lagi nabi dan rasul
    sebab itu orang alim yang menurut sunnah nabi saw, merekalah Pewaris nabi

    Pewaris nabi, di contohkan oleh khulafak ar rasyidin
    hendaklah Ingat, beringat, berfikir, lalu Taat


    sesiapa yang mengadakan syariat baru, itu bukanlah di dalam kebenaran


    silakan ya

  6. Ini juga bukti bahawa, agama agama selain Islam itu adalah sesat
    Yahudi, tidak mahu menerima kerasulan muhammad saw, dan kerasulan Isa ibni Maryam, Sementara Nasrani tidak mahu menerima kerasulan muhammad saw

    Seterusnya Bahai, Qadiani, Syiah yang memandang sunni dengan kelakuan tak mulia, membuat syariat baru, itu juga kesesatan

    seterusnya, Hindu diantara kasta Brahma juga berbeda beda pendapat dengan kasta bawahan mereka, ini juga sesat, begitu juga baba nanak yang melihat pertelingkahan hindu dengan muslim di india, lalu membuat syariat baru, semua ini adalah kesesatan

    Islam itu tinggi
    untuk manusia yang mahu berfikir
    selama mana belum ikhlas menauhidkan Allah
    Selama itu amat mudah di kuasai syaitan

    Hanya hamba hamba Allah yang Ikhlas tidak dapat di kuasai syaitan
    Bahawa Ikhlas itu ialah, MengESAkan Allah, la ilaha ill 'allah


    man yahdihillahu falamuzillalah, wamanyuzlilhu falahadiyalah

    intan surkum .............